Create Your Own Sacred Water

For centuries, Sacred Water has been created and used in ceremony by many cultures and religions. The earth is 71% surface water, 3% fresh water. Our bodies are 55 to 60% water. Water is essential to our lives.

Using water collected directly from a local mountain spring, you will create your own Sacred Water. Then, you will decorate your container to take home.

Sunday, May 28, 2023
10am – Noon

$33.00 includes all materials


Creative Journaling

Discover a new way to manifest what you desire. You can create amazing changes simply by using high energy words. High frequency words empower & energize your life. In this workshop, you ‘ll be shown how to use high vibrational words & pictures to create your personal manifest journal.

$39 includes all materials

Creating Personal Oils Workshop

Essential oils have many healing properties, physical and spiritual.

In this workshop, you will journey to the Garden of Your Heart. There, you will find what oils are calling to your essence at this time. Then, you will create two sacred oils to support you on your Spiritual journey.

$39 includes all materials

Individual Classes: Price varies by materials.  Space limited to 10 people.

Classes held at
Her Sacred Alchemy
Yucca Plaza • 216 Paseo Norte • Taos